Camper and Motorhome Removal

Get Stress-Free Junk Removal Services in or Around Franklin, NY

Get Stress-Free Junk Removal Services in or Around Franklin, NY

Depend on us to handle your motorhome or camper removal

You can't even remember the last time your family used the old motorhome or camper. Now it's just sitting on your property, slowly rusting and falling apart. Luckily, the pros at Doenges Rubbish Removal can handle any size camper or motorhome removal job in the Franklin, NY area.

If your equipment is in decent shape, we'll only charge a hauling fee to get it off your property. Schedule reliable motorhome or camper removal services by calling 607-287-4321 now.

Learn about our equipment removal process

Wondering what's involved in a motorhome or camper removal? If your equipment is rotting or the tires are shot, we'll tear it down and haul it off in pieces. Trust us to follow these steps:

  • Examination - we'll look at your motorhome or camper and create a plan to move it safely
  • Demolition - we'll tear your old equipment into pieces that are easier to haul off quickly
  • Removal - we'll carry away and dispose of the scraps and framework efficiently

For more information about our camper or motorhome removal services, contact a member of our staff in the Delaware County, NY area ASAP.